Tree Worx spring lawn care tips

6 Spring Lawn Care Tips to a Lusher New Yard

When it’s spring, lawn care is all that homeowners can seem to focus on. They want this year to be the one that makes their yard look stunning. However, without knowing best practices, it’s challenging to see the results you expect. Continue reading for six tips to better help your lawn from the professionals at Tree Worx Pros, your tree care experts.

Dethatch Your Yard’s Winter Coat

Thatch offers a layer of protection during the colder weeks, but it can’t stay. Allowing dense clumps of dead plant materials will only strain your turf. You also can’t perform dethatching too soon, or you could hurt your grass. Once you spot green growth, you’re all clear for dethatching.

Most people perform dethatching between early and late spring, depending on grass species.

Clean Your Lawn Before Planting

While you’re eager to get your hands dirty, you’ll need to clear your lawn first. Winter can leave behind a lot of things that will hamper any new plant growth. Dead plants, new weeds, fungal spores, and other items stick around after the snow melts. Without raking, leaf blowing, and dethatching, new additions can have an uphill battle.

You wouldn’t paint without cleaning the surface first, so the same thing applies here. Begin with a clear lawn and prevent problems from spreading at the start.

Prepare Your Grass Mower While Not Using ItTree Worx spring lawn care

When it’s too cold to mow, that is the best time to maintain your equipment. Unfortunately, too many homeowners let winter slip past them with its many holidays. That being said, this is the perfect time to sharpen and clean blades and replace your spark plugs. Like a vehicle, inspect the air filter, oil levels, and get rid of old gasoline as well.

Finally, if your mower has batteries, make sure they’re charged or replaced. The same is true of any motor belts and connective cords as well.

Don’t Skimp on the Grass Seed

After a cold winter season, you will likely have bald patches of grass. You might have a half-used bag of seed from last season, but that isn’t enough to accomplish having a lush lawn come spring. Many people don’t broadcast enough seeds to have them take root.

Birds, wildlife, temperature changes, and other hazards prevent most plants from germinating. Improve your odds by using more seed than you think you’ll need.

Know Which Fertilizers to Use

It isn’t enough to purchase fertilizer but to know which types to buy. The University of Florida recommends testing your soil before applying any products. Even though they will all contain the same active ingredients, it’s the additives that matter. Some fertilizers can harm your yard far more than benefiting them.

Carefully check the label and compare it to what nutrients are needed. You may need to purchase organic products or try composting instead.

Wait Until You See Weeds to Kill Them

You thought that you did yourself a favor by using pre-emergent weed control. Unfortunately, your product also prevented new grass seeds from taking off. Attempting to halt the growth of weeds before you see them often works against you. Instead, wait until you begin to see new ones forming before taking them on.

You may need to pull them out rather than use weed control products. New plants are especially vulnerable to these types of herbicides, so use post-emergent products instead.

Hire Tree Contractors for Spring Lawn Care in Connelly Springs, NC

Not all of your Spring Cleaning is possible to handle alone. When you find downed trees, old stumps, or need tree removal services, you need us. Our experienced contractors can quickly eliminate any items that you have. 

We’re available for scheduling and for 24-hour emergency tree services. Whatever you need from our tree care contractors, Tree Worx Pros guarantees the best results.