Tree Worx Pros Plant Grass Seed on Hard Dirt

7 Expert Tips on How to Plant Grass Seed on Hard Dirt

One of the hardest lessons to learn is how to plant grass seed on hard dirt. Too often, homeowners waste a lot of time and resources towards a yard that doesn’t take. For those homeowners who prefer to learn, continue reading our suggestions in this article. When in doubt, Tree Worx Pros is always here for you throughout North Carolina.

Professionally Test Your Soil

How can seeds take root if you don’t know your soil? One of the ideal things you can do is submitting a sample to a lab. We have several great schools in the area, so you have a lot of choices. Some require specific containers that they provide, while other labs won’t.

Make sure you properly label your sample and complete all the required paperwork. Otherwise, those that are processing your soil won’t know what to do with it.

Aerate the Ground

When the soil is dense, it’s harder for plant roots to breathe. One of the best ways to deal with compacted earth is with core aeration. We use a push tool that stamps small spikes into the ground. When the device rolls, these teeth rip out plugs of soil.

These tiny holes allow for air to flow through, giving your seeds ample oxygen. Without this necessary step, they are more likely to suffocate.

Rent a Rototiller

For harder surfaces, a rototiller becomes an invaluable tool in any arsenal. Plowing through rockier soils needs something powerful to till the earth. Chances are, both manual and electric rototillers aren’t going to be powerful enough. That can also mean that locating one to rent could become a challenge.

When in doubt, you can hire us for fast and affordable tilling through any surface. Make sure you have your yard prepared properly, and contact us today.

Compost Before SeedingTree Worx Pros How to Plant Grass Seed on Hard Dirt

Once someone tills their soil, they often think that the job is done. Homeowners apply a delivery of fresh topsoil, and they walk away. Topsoil often doesn’t retain enough nutrients to feed your new grass seeds. Instead, utilizing compost can supercharge your soil, leading to a lusher lawn.

According to North Carolina State University, compost offers a great number of benefits over using topsoil alone. If you can’t find it at the store, call us for installation services.

Are You Planting During the Right Season?

Another mistake that homeowners make is planting during the incorrect seasons. They believe that they need to tend to their brown spots as soon as possible. While important, it’s even more vital to choose the right time of the year. Some grass seeds prefer autumn, while others need late summer sunshine.

Choosing the wrong season isn’t only about temperature but humidity and direct sunlight – research when the best time is to install your new turf.

Water Your New Seeds Correctly

When it comes to watering new seeds, homeowners seem to only believe in extremes. They either keep their yard soaked or too dry, killing it off. You want a nice soaking shower to keep them hydrated properly. Otherwise, you end up drowning the root system or leaving seeds to fry.

You probably can’t rely on your irrigation timers solely for new seeds. Try to find a garden hose nozzle with several different spraying options.

Don’t Buy Cheap Grass Seed

Buying your grass seed isn’t where you want to cut corners. Cheap bags of grass often offer a single year’s worth of planting. What’s even worse are products labeled as VNS grass or Variety Not Stated. This means that these products are a literal mixed bag of random seeds.

It’s important to perform proper product research before purchasing seeds. That way, you know exactly what you are receiving.

We Know How to Plant Grass Seed on Hard Dirt

When in doubt, leave your new grass seed to the pros for better results. Call Tree Worx Pros today for hard dirt grass seeding and other services.