Tree Worx Do I Have to Remove my Tree Stumps

Do I Have to Remove my Tree Stumps?

Determining when to remove a tree stump from your landscape can be a hard decision. There are several reasons for tree stump removal, but many tree care professionals will agree: if you want to remove your tree, it’s best to know what will happen to your yard.

Maybe you’ve just gotten rid of a damaged tree from your lawn and now want to eliminate the leftover roots. Or, you’ve had a stump in your backyard for years, and now you want to modernize your outdoor space.


Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump

There are several good reasons to remove a tree stump, but some of the most vital factors to think about before tree stump removal service are:

  • The visual appeal of your house.
  • The well-being of your current foliage.
  • The safety of your family.

Many people want to get rid of a tree stump when desiring to sell their houses so that their residential property appears neat and tidy. A tree stump takes up precious space that works better for planting a new tree. 

Once you’ve made your choice, how to eliminate the tree stump and roots could be an easy task that any certified arborist could do. Below are some significant reasons for removing a tree stump so you can better decide if this tree service is right for you. 


Protect Your Home from Your Tree RootsTree Worx How to Remove my Tree Stumps

While tree roots might not be sturdy enough to harm your sewer lines or pipes, there have been instances where a root sprouted in an already broken pipe, producing a busted tube. 

A developing root might also absorb offshoot water from a dripping water line, which lets the root expand. If you are arranging a stump removal service, it is vital to have a tree care professional eliminate all the tree stump roots so that there isn’t any danger of root growth.

Protect Your Yard from Pests and Rot 

Tree stumps could spread rot and invite undesirable pests into your outdoor space. For example, beetles, ants, termites, and numerous other bugs love tree stumps. Once you have an infested stump, it will most definitely expand to healthy trees in your yard. Or worse, the wood in your house could be at risk. 

Also, a tree stump could develop mold that is hazardous for your children and pets. It is best to get rid of the whole stump to stop the spread of decaying wood and rot. The health of your landscape depends on it. 


Tree Stumps Could be Hazardous

If you are a homeowner who has little ones, having a tree stump in your yard impacts their playtime. Running children could trip over the stump and seriously hurt themselves. Moreover, you don’t want a lawsuit if a visitor falls over the stump, injuring themselves. 

A stump left on a yard might also have roots that keep on growing, impacting your home’s foundation and sidewalks. Tree roots lifting the sidewalk around your home could injure pedestrians. Additionally, it’s unattractive. The best thing is to remove the stump to keep your landscape looking healthy and attractive. 


Eliminate Tree Stumps and Roots 

If you’ve weighed the positives and negatives of stump removal and want that ugly stump gone, hiring a tree care professional is what you want to do. Though it may seem like an excellent idea to attempt a DIY tree stump removal job, it’s not a good plan. People ruin numerous good-looking landscapes trying to uplift a stump with a chain and a couple of hard pulls from the back of a pickup truck.

It is always best to hire a certified and experienced arborist to handle a stump removal job. Removing a stump is serious work. 

If you’re ready for that stump to be gone, contact us at Tree Worx.