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Emergency tree service is something you hope you’ll never need to hire. However, when your home is in danger, you need a Connelly Springs, NC, a contractor with expertise.

Homeowners don’t realize how dangerous their backyard becomes, especially after a storm. After they uproot themselves, you need someone to respond quickly, 24-hours a day.

Tree Worx offers reliable emergency tree service whenever you need us the most. Whatever the situation, we always know what to do to keep your family safe.

You don’t want your house or the neighbor’s house to be what stops a fallen tree. Contact us as soon as you spot trouble for a reliable Connelly Springs contractor.

Emergency Tree Service
Emergency Tree Service

24-Hour Emergency Services in Connelly Springs, NC

Your trees seem sturdy enough, but they have many hazards to avoid daily. Severe storms, winter snow, tornadoes, and other events can quickly harm your plants.

While you can prepare your property as best as you can, nature will always be unpredictable. You can’t always prepare for things like lightning or drivers losing control.

No matter what has happened to your trees, you can always call us. You can reach our team 24-hours a day for any emergencies, such as:

  • Diseased Trees
  • Storm Damage
  • Lightning Strike
  • Uprooted Tree
  • Dead/Dying Tree
  • Severe Leaning
  • Impact Damage
  • Split Trees
  • Root Damage
  • Unexpected Frost
  • Fungal/Bacterial Growth
  • Trunk Damage

Whatever has harmed your trees, we know what to do next. Keep your home and loved ones safer by hiring us now.

Why Hire Us for Your Tree Emergency?

Most trees weigh thousands of pounds, and their limbs are full of kinetic energy. Dealing with the branches can feel like working with garage tension springs.

Depending on what the tree landed on, there could also be other risks. Downed power lines, broken glass, and weakened buildings are dangerous hazards.

Before you attempt to clear the way, choose our contractors instead. We arrive prepared with professional equipment to offer safer results 24-hours a day.

We manage trees at every growing stage, as well as their condition. When in doubt, choose the team with the expertise you can trust.

Emergency Tree Service

Connelly Springs, NC, Tree Service

When you hire us for your emergency tree service, we arrive prepared for anything. We have likely seen everything that could break an uprooted tree’s fall. Along with our experience, we also have the right tool for any job. Chances are a homeowner-grade chainsaw with a rusty chain won’t cut it. We make sure that we always have a solution ready. Some of the professional equipment that we have on hand includes:
When you only have a hand saw and pruning shears, you can’t handle a tree that has fallen. Leave all your emergency calls to your local Connelly Springs experts.
Emergency Tree Service

How to Avoid Emergency Tree Services

While you can’t account for everything, you can take steps to reduce your risk. Start by visually inspecting your property for potential growing hazards.

Things like buildings close by and overhead power lines can eventually cause trouble. Taking care of these nuisances now leaves your trees safer later on.

You should also do your best to avoid storing vehicles and other belongings under trees. Even during pleasant weather, limbs can fall off causing damage.

During tornadoes, excess limbs can become projectiles, so making regular trimming should be a top priority. Contact us to prepare your yard professionally, or for emergency tree care.

Emergency Tree Service Contractors in Connelly Springs, NC

Heavily damaged trees pose a risk to property and people alike. Even a single branch can cause a lot of harm.

When trees become uprooted, you don’t know how much time you have. It can fall within minutes or hours without warning, making them unpredictable.

Whether it’s the afternoon or late at night, you can call us for assistance. No one knows tree care better than the contractors at Tree Worx.

Emergency Tree Service