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What is an Arborist and Why do I Need One?

What is an arborist? An arborist is a certified trained professional whose expertise is in the science of tree care. thThese experts put limitless devotion into learning everything there is to know about trees’ growth and development.


What is an Arborist?

At times called a tree doctor, people call on an arborist to assess a tree’s condition, perform a diagnosis, and recommend a solution. 

Additionally, arborists offer specific services like tree pruning, tree fertilization, drought mitigation, disease and pest control, tree removal, and emergency tree care. These pros help to sustain preventive tree care before the springtime starts. 


Arborists are Tree Defenders

Tree Worx what is an arborist tree care

Arborists recognize the worth that these beautiful tall plants bring to earth and your landscape. Having a tree in your outdoor space raises your property value significantly. Who do you call for tree planting service? A certified, skilled arborist, of course.

A certified arborist is a person who possesses a high level of knowledge and extensive training in arboriculture. These specialists have to pass a comprehensive examination that will allow them to become a certified arborist.

Here’s what separates an arborist from a certified arborist. A certified arborist continues studying the science of tree life way after getting their certification. The objective is to stay current on the latest tools and techniques in tree maintenance to remain in the industry. So, if you want to hire a tree expert to care for your trees, getting a certified arborist is who you want. 

Anybody with a saw and some pruners can cut down tree limbs and say it’s trimming. It’s the skills and know-how in the right way of tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree removal services that makes all the difference.


Services Arborists Provide

If you don’t have any trees in your landscape, then you probably don’t have any need for an arborist. However, if you want to bring aesthetic and curb appeal to your property, perhaps hiring a certified arborist isn’t such a bad idea. You could also call on a certified arborist to examine your trees and assess their condition. Below are a few of the tree services performed by a certified arborist: 

Tree Planting – It takes plenty of expertise and knowledge to plant trees correctly. A newly planted tree needs to be in the right spot. It would be best if you also got the correct tree type to plant right for the Morganton, NC area. It’s important to remember that trees necessitate lots of care during the early development stages. 

Tree Pruning – There are specific techniques that are a part of correct tree pruning. Also, there are many reasons why pruning a tree is vital, whether the reason is storm damage, safety concerns, diseases, or visual appeal. A certified arborist can evaluate the tree’s condition and decide whether or not pruning is necessary. 

Tree Maintenance – Trees necessitate maintenance continuously. Tree care is for preventive measures before wintertime and evaluation after the cold season. If there is damage, the goal is to help your trees to recover immediately. 

Tree Removal – Most people believe tree removal is straightforward and anybody can do it. For many tree professionals, tree removal is the chief solution when there is a damaged tree. However, a certified arborist sees tree removal as a last resort. When it comes to a damaged tree, the first thing a certified arborist thinks about is how to save it. 

At Tree Worx, our certified arborists care about your trees and the safety of you, your loved ones, and your property. We genuinely care about improving and maintaining the health of not only trees but also every aspect of your landscape. We are concern about preserving the health of your trees and all other facets of your landscape too. 

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